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Lindsey Rietscha from http://www.wedmichigan.blogspot.com kindly shared some great ideas with WordArrangement.


If a bride is planning a Michigan wedding from a distance, what top resources would you recommend to her?


When planning a destination wedding, I would suggest doing as much research as possible before entering the planning process. The internet is obviously an amazing tool these days, and after all this time, I am still a huge fan of theknot.com because of all the real Michigan weddings they feature. You can get so many wonderful ideas and I love that they feature weddings from so many different towns in Michigan. The internet in general is such a great resource so I say… “google away” and start your research. Just be sure to get references and meet with any vendor before you book!


Another resource I would suggest using for a destination Michigan wedding is word of mouth. If you’re planning to marry in Michigan, it is most likely because you have family there or have special ties to the Great Lakes State. Ask friends who have been married there to suggest vendors, or even ask a family member to visit places when you can’t be there. I have had a few close friends plan Michigan weddings from as far away as Boston and San Diego and they relied on friends and family to support them through the process.


And of course, I would suggest using Wed Michigan as a resource (I’m alittle biased). But honestly, there are so many wonderful blogs out now dedicated to helping brides plan their big day, and Wed Michigan has been built to connect brides to amazing vendors across the state of Michigan! Wedding blogs in general are so big right now and you can hop online and spend hours reading about how to make your own invitations, build a centerpiece, or what jewelry goes best with your dress. People are so willing to share their ideas these days and it makes wedding blogs an easy resource for today’s bride.



Often, a couple will provide gift bags for out of town guests. What are some great Michigan-related gifts that you’d recommend for this welcome bag? What would be the most economical gift with a big wow-factor?


I love this question! I am such a huge fan of what Michigan has to offer and love when couples incorporate anything to do with the Great Lakes State in their wedding. Currently, my favorite idea is including maple syrup or jelly made in Michigan in your welcome bags or even as favors. You can find items like these in local stores in cities across the state. Another smart idea is to include a list of activities for your guests to do in the city you are getting married in. For example, someone getting married in Kalamazoo might include directions to the Kalamazoo Air Zoo or someone from Metro Detroit might include information on the Detroit Zoo or Greenfield Village! You can personalize any part of your wedding depending on your city… afterall, Michigan has so much to offer!


What are the advantages to having a wedding in Michigan?


Michigan is such an amazing state! Many people don’t realize all the wonderful parts to the great Lakes State… we have miles of lakeshore, urban cities with gorgeous architecture, old barns that can be transformed into beautiful venues for a reception, and not to mention the hardworking and wonderful vendors in every city that are dedicated to making your day wonderful. There is such a beautiful aspect to every city, and having a wedding in Michigan is a great chance to showcase that beauty.



As we all know, the economy is hurting right now, especially in Michigan. What is the best way to cut corners and still have a beautiful day?


Thankfully, it is possible to keep costs down when planning a wedding in Michigan. The average cost of a wedding increases every year, but getting married in Michigan tends to be lower than say, Boston or New York City. The obvious cost-cutter is downsizing your guest list… think $1,000 per every 10 guests (give or take a few bucks- but you get the idea). Making your own centerpieces and bouquets is also another great money-saver. Many say to “leave it to the professionals”, but if you have a sense of design and really do your research, you can make some simple, yet gorgeous centerpieces. My personal favorite is using pinecones and candles for a winter wedding or small branches in cool vases for a spring or fall wedding. They can end up costing very little if you collect them from your own backyard, and these can be assembled prior to the hectic days leading up to your wedding.  Just be sure to do your research and solicit the help of friends and family. And my last piece of advice, skip the Saturday wedding in June, meaning, choose an off-month or a Friday or Sunday wedding. Costs tend to be higher on Saturdays, and from May to October. After all, the four seasons in Michigan are all unique and beautiful in their own way… your wedding will be just as unique!


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