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June 29th update on the Wedding Channel Bridal Blog Award Nomination:

The Nomination period ends on July 8th and so far 10 kind readers have  commented under my original nomination. If you also enjoy reading this blog, I hope that you will click here to add your thoughts to the mix. (Please note that you will have to log into their website. Don’t worry – it is free and painless.)

Thank you so much! I know we can win the nomination together!

Here are some highlights from the current posts on the Wedding Channel’s website that warmed my engaged heart:

From SophIe:

I love this blog. I don’t want a traditional wedding, but I do want a wedding. A lot of the wedding industrial complex is impersonal or tacky, but the alternative is often people who don’t think about the real things couples are trying to figure out. This is a perfect balance. It’s for the unbride (like me!), but also has useful information. 

From Maxwell:

I would like to support the nomination of Chloe.  Before I met Chloe I can honestly say I never even knew what blogging meant.  Chloe is a very caring person so the idea of her wanting to express and share herself through the written word is very fitting.  She invited me to look at her site and even though I am not engaged or planning a wedding I found it so informative and wish that I had some of this information a couple of years ago when I was planning my son’s wedding.  She talks about every step you coud think of and many that you hadn’t in order plan your special day and everything is explained in detail.  So if you are looking for a person who can relate to folks who are trying to plan their wedding then I think Chloe’s site would certainly fill that role.  I look forward to visiting your site.




Original June 19th post:

I don’t ask for much. But, if you’ve enjoyed this blog half as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it, I hope you will nominate it for the Wedding Channel Bridal Blog Award. 

I’ve nominated Word Arrangement on the blog. Please click here to reply to my post and second (or third or fourth…) my nomination.

If you are so inspired, you can also start another nomination for my blog here.

(Please note that you will be asked to sign into the Wedding Channel website. I hope that doesn’t stop you.)

After the nomination period has ended on July 8th, the Wedding Channel will pick their favorite nominees to compete for top honors. They’ll announce the finalists for each category, then you get to vote for your favorites. I’ll keep you posted!

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