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ShampowderI know I missed the day in school when the girls were taught about “beauty products.” I can barely remember to wear makeup and I buy shampoo that costs about a dollar.

Looking through wedding magazines has had me thinking more about fashion recently. As a result, I’ve been discovering some of these “products,” like Shampowder. Shampowder is a colored, scented powder that you apply to unwashed hair to help absorb the oils and keep your hair fresh.

Shampowder is based on the tradition of putting baby powder on your hair to avoid having to wash and style your hair in a rush. I’d never heard of this tradition and informally polled girlfriends about it … they almost all knew about it and a few wanted the link to the website.

A classmate from high school, Jayne Shapiro Polan, created this with her husband, Barry, after she became a mother and no longer had time to wash and style her hair every day. Jayne discovered that the baby powder was noticeable on her hair and hard to apply. She found a way to solve the problem for herself and others, too.  

Jayne kindly shared a sample with me. I tried it and admit that not only was it easy to apply, but it worked really well. I look forward to keeping it on hand. 

Clearly this isn’t something you want to rely on for your wedding, but as we all know, life gets busy. This is a great trick to save time. Now, who is going to invent longer days and better yet, longer vacations?


Check out the Shampowder website. You can buy one online for $15.99. Don’t forget to join the Facebook Fan page. I love that her product has gotten as much attention as it has. Che brava!

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