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Warning: This has nothing to do with wedding planning.

Tiziano FerroIt is time to take a little break. The Mother of the Bride and I are driving to Atlantic City to hear Tiziano Ferro, an Italian pop singer.

I heard him a few years ago in Florence, Italy with Wonderful Woman Lisa. We stood on the balcony level and while we were towards the back, we could see him quite clearly. We were the tallest people there aside from the mothers by the wall. The teeny-boppers in front of us didn’t block our view at all. We had a great time laughing, singing and dancing.  

My friend Mario kindly sent me his recent CD, Alla Mia Eta’, from Italy. They seem to only sell it in the USA  in Spanish.  

I’m looking forward to seeing the Atlantic Ocean, singing the wrong words loudly (he’ll probably be singing the Spanish version) and enjoying a night away from wedding planning with the Mother of the Bride.

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