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I didn’t believe people when they told me how much there was to do before the wedding. I thought that it would mostly be done a few weeks (months?) before. What was I doing before if there is still so much to do? 

Music details, seating, centerpieces, table markers, transportation, alcohol… there are many final details to work out. It is hard to focus on much else right now.

I’m starting to wonder if it was a bad idea to try writing daily blogs. I am “wedding” (and working with folks “wedding” with us, thanking people who are “wedding” with us). Noting the number of days left everyday seems a little more stressful than I’d expected. Fifteen? Wowsers.  

Am I ridiculous to try to write during this period? Every writing teacher has said that writers have to write as often as possible. It is like playing the piano; you have to practice. If not, how can you keep up your skills, let alone improve?

 And so, I continue. Writing teachers also say that if you have nothing to write, you should write about having nothing to write. So here it is folks. Perhaps a little of nothing.

I’d prefer to watch a show about nothing. Seinfeld, are you on demand? I need a break between the items on the To Do list.

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A good way to relax. Have your picture taken with dinosaurs outside of the ROM in TorontoThere are 21 days until the wedding day and I am reading the Huffington Post’s Complete Guide to Blogging. In my case, these two things are intimately connected. 

The book encourages bloggers to be more personal and spontaneous in their posts. As a poet, I do anything but write quickly. I am personal in my poetry – from an emotional truth perspective – but I don’t tend to divulge too many details. (I promise, you can read many of my poems as fictional accounts of something true. I didn’t sleep with the married man in one poem and I didn’t give birth in the other. It is imagination, workshoppers, I promise.) I think that practicing being more spontaneous will offer even more personal insight into wedding planning. A win-win situation, right? 

So, for my readers and my writing, I’ve decided to test myself and blog – at least a few lines – every day until the wedding day. I won’t over-edit or over-think. If, however, my fiancé asks me to refrain from something, I will. Immediately. My future marriage is more important than a good line.

I’d love to share my experience so other brides can avoid some of the feelings I’ve experienced. I look at wedding magazines and feel isolated – I don’t live a pill-induced-skinny-life with a wedding planner. I’m not surrounded by girlfriends who live nearby and don’t work, so they can help with the details as we sit around and drink Cosmos. 

Instead, I am (not necessarily in this order): an online teacher for two schools, online editor, poet who writes and submits work, blogger, personalized wedding poet, wedding planner, bride, Italian tutor, Italian teacher, conference presenter, fiancé, daughter, grand-niece, home chef and I have errands to run, too. Frankly, this is the case for most working artists. We have a lot of projects.

I have chosen my path – professionally and personally – purposely. I am happy to have the freedom to travel and do my online work from anywhere. I enjoy all of my projects and would be bored if I only had one. I want to plan my wedding with my fiancé instead of spending our life savings on hiring people to do things we can do and maybe even do better.   

Sometimes, though, it is overwhelming. I have found some successful ways to break through the overwhelming feelings and be more productive. I know that the wedding that we are planning is exactly the one we want. And if anything goes wrong, no one else will know (unless you are reading my blog, perhaps? Shhh. Don’t tell.)

I hope that my experience will help to share my experiences, taper some isolation for other brides in my situation and entertain a little. Your comments, oh wise married and marrying ones, will offer feedback to those same brides so they can have the best experience ever.  After all, as my bridesmaid Amy said the other day, “Enjoy everything! As far as I can tell, nothing like this will ever happen again.”

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