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Welcome to Wordarrangement’s blog. This is a personalized wedding poet and bride’s blog.

Here is the link to the personalized wedding poem website: www.WordArrangement.com

I am not a bridezilla ordering a puffy princess dress 18 months before the wedding. I am an untraditional, “alternative” bride. When we started to look at venues, I thought many halls were too “wedding-y.” My fiance and I are planning a gathering that is meant to celebrate our love and bring our close family and friends together. It will be intimate and personal. We will be crafting our new family’s traditions.

It seems that the “wedding industry” isn’t used to this. They want us to invite hundreds of people and spend our life savings. As important as this day will be, it is indeed one (important) day that marks the beginning of our married life together.

As someone who is a part of the wedding industry, I am appalled by how impersonal the industry is. My goal as both a wedding poet and bride, is to share a slightly different point of view with you.

I look forward to reading your tips and comments, too.

Best, Chloe’


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