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Ring bowl (Photograph by Tony Richards)

We did not have a traditional ring bearer or a ring pillow. Instead, my great Aunt Dora (101 years old) held the rings and the Chief Wonderful Woman, Dr. Yasmin Chaudhri, brought the rings to the judge during the ceremony. 

My groom has noted in earlier posts that traditions help to solve problems. In the case of the rings, the pillow solves the problem of keeping the rings safe and un-lost.

When I searched for options other than a frilly pillow, I discovered ring bowls. I fell in love with the idea. We ordered a ring bowl from Paloma’s Nest on Etsy and had it customized with phrases from our vows, “I promise / You are” etched into the bowl.

The bowl comes with a string that we used to tie the rings together. Right now, the bowl sits on our dresser drawer and keeps our rings safe at night. We might decide to hang it on our Christmas tree this December or frame it.

Thank you, Paloma’s Nest, for crafting a piece for our wedding that we can keep using.

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