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Simas Undergarments For Women by Ilana Stranger-Ross

Update: Lauren Turner’s funny bra-inspired poem won her the book. (Read it below.) Congratulations!



I look forward to seeing you in Brighton, MI on Thursday, April 30th for my Hush bra store poetry reading. For more details, please click here.


In the spirit of literature and bras, I will be offering a copy of Ilana Stranger-Ross’ wonderful novel Sima’s Undergarments for Women to the reader who posts the funniest bra-related joke in the comments section below.


Readers are welcome to chime in and vote for their favorite. You are encouraged to post more than one joke. The deadline has been extended to Friday, May 1st at noon.


Visit the author’s website .


You can read more about the book on Overlook Publisher’s website and buy the book on Amazon.


Ready? Set? Go!




Here are some great comments I received via Facebook:


The funbags themselves are the joke. (KC)


Poem by Lauren Turner:

Boobies bouncing in the breeze;
Moist, maternal mammaries.
A source of life that fills with awe.
We get it—now, put on a bra!


In response to my FB and my fiance’s FB announcement that I’ll be reading a new bra poem and an underwear poem:  


– The bra poem isn’t a limerick, is it? 😉 (Debbie)

– I hope you’ll share. Ode to a brassiere. The older you get, the more you like a good one. except of course when you don’t! (Ann)
– “Ode to a Jock Strap”? (Lauren)
– “just another love thong….’ (Celia)
– The German word for bra: “keepzimtitzfromfloppin” (Not sure the spelling is quite right, as my German is weak, but this should be close) (Jim)
– Over the shoulder boulder holder? (Seth)

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Ultimate Fake Wedding Cake (Polka Dots)In this economy, couples need to find ways to cut corners. What if they want to cut their cake at the same time? I recently met Emily and Liz from Ultimate Fake Cakes. They create fake cakes to help couples save money and still have a beautiful cake to display at the wedding. A sheet cake in the kitchen is ready for slicing, serving and eating. (Keep your fingers out of the fake cake!)


Who knew that was possible? I hope you enjoy reading about their Cakes. 




How did you come up with the idea for your company?  


I received a couple of requests for foam cakes from teachers at my children’s school.  I made the first cake and Emily and I did the 2nd one together.  It was a few months later that the idea hit us, this could be a business.  We both really enjoyed it and thought why not?


Do you create custom cakes to order?


We do custom orders.  We encourage our brides to visit wedding cake sites, find that  perfect cake, and bring it to us.  It is one of the perks of our job to see all the different designs that each bride brings to us.



Do you re-use cakes or is each one new for a new customer?


We can reuse them if the cake is returned to us in original condition.


What is the best advice (regarding the cake) that you’d offer to a couple who is trying to keep the costs down?


The size of the cake is what is going to determine your price.  If they are looking for a lower price a cake with fewer tiers is your better option.  Sugar flowers will cost extra so if you are looking to keep the cost down real or silk flowers are available.


What do brides serve to their guests that order fake cakes? 


Typically, with our cakes sheet cakes, dessert tables, or cupcakes are served. 


Would you ship outside of the area? How would the couple best return the cake to you?


Yes, we ship nationwide.  When we purchase the shipping label we can either choose one way or round trip.  If they wish to return the cake we will enclose a return label in the box along with their cake.  They are required to keep the box and all of original shipping packaging to send it back to us. 


What would you recommend to the “un-bride”? How could she and her love best incorporate your cakes into a wedding?


Our cakes can represent any theme or nontraditional ideas.  We encourage them to bring their idea to us and we will work with them to create their dream wedding.


How would a couple handle the cake-cutting ceremony if the cake isn’t real?


We have 3 different options.

1.         The top layer can be a real baked cake from your baker.

2.         A slice can be placed in one of the tiers where a cake knife can be inserted giving you the “look of cutting the cake”.

3.         A cake compartment can be placed on the bottom tier in the back where a slice of real cake can be placed.


How do you work with the baker? Do you have a preferred bakery that you like to work with?


We are willing to work with any baker.

Ultimate Fake Cakes Duo

Thanks to Emily and Liz for the interview!

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Word Arrangement
Papyrus, the wonderful paper store, is hosting a Spring Bridal Event and WordArrangement, my personalized wedding poem business, will be one of the vendors in the store from 11 – 1. Hope to see you there on Sunday, April 26 in the Briarwood Mall, Ann Arbor, MI. I look forward to sharing sample poems with you and answering any questions you might have about ordering your Personalized Wedding Poem. Discounts will be offered for poems ordered in the store.
I invite you to RSVP on my Facebook Event Page.
Papyrus Spring Bridal Event
Briarwood Mall
Sunday, April 26
11 am – 1 pm
Have you posted your favorite bra joke yet? Don’t miss the chance to win a free copy of Sima’s Undergarments For Women. Looking forward to seeing you on April 30th at the Hush bra store in Brighton, MI. I will be reading poems there in the evening.

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I recently guest blogged for BravoBride. I invite you to read my piece Writing your own wedding vows: To Have, and to hold, and … {fill in the blank.}

Thanks, Susan, for the opportunity. Read more about BravoBride here.

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Carolyn Simply Organized LifePlanning a wedding? Merging households? Simply cleaning up?


Ann Arbor based Carolyn Anderson-Fermann, the Organizing Consultant and Founder, Simply Organized Life, can help you strategize and keep things in perspective.


I know I wish we had known her when we merged our households and started selling everything from extra toaster ovens to tire chains on Craigslist. It took forever and we kept changing our minds. We are settled in now, but we always have things we don’t need that clutters the room we do need. Like this bulky sweater a friend gave me in Italy because she didn’t want to carry it back to the United States. I not only carried it across the ocean, but also across the nation to Michigan. Maybe it is time to part with it since I’ve never wore it.


We are probably all in the same position. Thanks, Carolyn, for these hints!



Couples often move in together after they’ve already lived on their own independently. What advice would you offer to couples who are merging two households?


The longer that the individuals have lived on their own, the more difficult this process can be. I recommend that couples start with items that I would classify as “low hanging fruit”. This generally includes duplicated items such as home appliances that are often less emotional or personal than other items, like clothing. Couples can decide to keep the item they like best and donate the duplicate. Alternatively, they can choose to donate both items and either purchase or register for new replacements. The latter happens with a lot of older more established couples who are ready to finally upgrade. The basic rule is to have only one of each item for the household.


As for more personal items, such as clothing or music collections, I generally recommend that couples collectively decide the amount of space each of them needs. Then the individuals can pare down their collections to fit the limited space. After some years of marriage it is natural for collections to merge and need to be culled as a team.


Planning a wedding requires great organization. What top tip would you offer to a couple planning a wedding?


First and foremost the couple should assess their goals for the wedding and align their priorities. This is helpful in organizing a wedding and in setting the tone for the marriage to follow. This does not mean that the couple needs to agree on everything, but planning a wedding can be the first big exercise in creating core values for the new family unit. A lot of this comes down to how the couple chooses to spend their time and money.


Most of us own things we don’t need but for some reason don’t part with (I’m thinking of some bulky wool sweaters from the ’80’s that I don’t wear or books I bought in college and never read.) How can we lighten our lives (and future moves) and best choose what to donate, sell or throw out?


In my individual consultations and seminars, I often state that the process of organizing is like pulling back the layers of an onion. We all have “onions” of clutter, it is just that some folks’ onions are bigger than others. Even as a professional organizing consultant, I have a few of those

unneeded items myself that I keep mostly for sentimental reasons. I never tell a client to let go of sentimental items, but rather recommend that keepsakes be kept to a minimum depending upon the available space. For everything else these simple rules can help:


Keep it if:

1) You use it on a regular basis

2) You love it!

3) The item makes you feel good


Let it go if:

1) You “might” use it “someday”

2) Someone else could be using it now

3) You hate it!

4) The item makes you feel terrible


It is important to remember that organizing is a process, not an event. Getting organized is not something that you just do one weekend. It is about the daily choices you make in how to spend your time, money and energy in your space.


How has your business influenced your own life’s organization?


I have always had good organizational skills. By sharing these skills with my clients over the last four plus years, I am acutely aware of my own space, time and relationship with the “stuff” in my life. That being said, I do not believe in organization solely for the purpose of organization. It is

not about perfection, which I believe is unobtainable. It is really about being organized enough so that we can free ourselves up to experience life more fully.



Carolyn Anderson-Fermann founded Simply Organized LifeSM with the mission to help others find more time and space for the things that really matter in life. Carolyn is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and in the last four years has become Ann Arbor’s premier organizing consultant. She holds an MBA from Michigan State University and brings her clients nearly 10 years of experience in the corporate world. Contact at 734-646-4177.


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My heart stopped when I read about the earthquake in the Abruzzo region of Italy.

This week Silvio’s Pizzeria will be donating a % of their profits to the Disaster Relief fund for L’Aquila Italy. Also, Silvio’s employees have offered to donate their tips for the cause as well. Thank you for your support. We will be going to eat there on Friday; hope to see you there.

Here is his letter from his website:

Dear Friends,

         As you may have heard, a horrendous earthquake has struck my homeland region of Abruzzo Italy. Our hearts go out to the suffering of the people of L’Aquila. As a former volunteer of the Red Cross, which in Italy is always called in cases of natural disasters, my first instinct was to go there to help dig by hand every inch of the debris. As we know, the only result of an unorganized party going in, even with the best of intentions, to an area like this will only add to the chaos.

         The best I can do from here is to start fundraising amongst the great community of Ann Arbor and to send our little bit of help to those thousands of people who have lost everything. As Arborites have accepted me and the rest of the Medoro family as a part of this great community it is my hope that you will help me to keep alive my legacy with the region where I grew up.

         Thursday and Friday this week I will be donating part of my profits to help in the relief effort.

         Any contribution will be deeply appreciated,


                                                      Silvio Medoro


Thanks to the Ann Arbor Chronicle for helping to share the news.

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Hush Intimate Apparel

Girls, and boys if you can stand it, I hope you’ll join me for two short readings at Hush Intimate Apparel in Brighton, MI.  


Lisa M. Nelson, the generous owner, will be hosting a Mother / Daughter Event in anticipation of Mother’s Day. On April 30th at 6:30 pm and again at 8 pm, I’ll give a ten minute reading of my own mother poems (all positive, of course) and read some famous poems, too. Any requests?


I’ll be available to discuss personalized wedding poems and other special occasion poems, too.


Raise your hand if you’ve always had a love hate (or hate hate) relationship with that pesky undergarment that can make (or break) an outfit?


That’s what I thought.


Hush is an amazing concept. It is a store dedicated to helping women find the right size bra. They offer cup sizes AA through K and band sizes 30 thru 52. That equals over 200 sizes available. Wow. Where were they my whole life? With special brands you won’t find at department stores, every woman will find her fit.


Where’s the dressing room? I’m ready.


See you there!


Hush Intimate Apparel

431 West Main Street

Brighton, MI 48116

Thursday, April 30

The Mother / Daughter Event wil run from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

I will be reading at 6:30 pm & 8:00 pm




PS: If you befriend me on Facebook, I guarantee that you’ll read some funny friend comments about this event… can you beat the ones that are already up there? Don’t be a boob, I’m sure you can. If we aren’t friends already, search for me on Facebook (Chloe Yelena Miller.)


RSVP on my Facebook event page.

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You’re married. You have tons of odds and ends from the planning and the big day itself.


The fun doesn’t have to end.


I recently read about a “wedding dress party” in the Ann Arbor Observer. You pull your wedding gown out of its protective covering in the closet and wear it out for a party with other girls dressed the same. What a great idea! Otherwise, what happens? As my Aunt Dora would say, “nothin’!”


A friend of mine once told me about a wedding shower she attended. The guests were asked to wear the worst bridesmaid dress they were ever made to purchase by someone who was your best friend before she started dressing you. She said that everyone came super frilly and laughing.


If you’re little less nostalgic about saving your wedding gown, why not model for a Trash the Dress photo shoot? The newest thing in wedding photography is to take pictures in your dress doing something a little less, well, neat and tidy. Get dressed in that lovely gown and take your groom to run along the beach, ride horses, hike in the woods, dance in the rain… you get the idea. (Just make sure that you wait until after the wedding.) Here are some Trash the Dress photos on Flickr.


I hope you’ll share other fun ideas with us in the Comments section below.

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